Communication evolves, social media change, the competition gets tougher and tougher, it's a constant duel. But it is people that make the results.

DUEL is made up of people havingover fifteen years of experience in the field of communication. They are professionals with a track record in sectors ranging from technology to corporate, deploying their skills in strategic consultancy, digital communication, press office, events, promotional items, web / networking and more.

We have collaborated with Italian and multinational companies, trade associations, private and public sector professional bodies, in the areas of Information Technology, telecoms (B2B and B2C), financial services, energy, tourism, environment, health & wellness, culture and training.

For all these arenas, we are familiar with the dynamics, the players, the analysts and influencers, commentators, journalists and leading publications, as well as anticipated trends.
Our team combines culture, business and technical know-how; a capacity for strategic thinking, creative ideas and working speed when we go into action.

DUEL incorporates the masculine and the feminine, Yin and Yang, the hero and the villain
But can you tell who is who?!

Giovanna Vitacca - Mario Gazzola
     - The Constellation Group Affiliate